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[caption id="attachment_2311" align="alignnone" width="336"] Pulling taro at Waipa farm on Kauai.[/caption] Part of the joy here is the rare chance to ‘talk story’ with real Hawaiian people.

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This is as far from Honolulu’s tacky beach tourism as it gets. This most remote archipelago on the planet was always a difficult place in which to find food.Unfortunately, these learned roles become their way of interacting with the world.Although every one has a bit of every role, for these children, they become more comfortable with a specific one and as a result, live within its constraints for a life time.In becoming invisible, they never have to take responsibility for others (because as children they know they can’t fix the family dynamic.) This child can take one of two paths.First is the super independent child, who can handle everything for themselves. Remember the abiding belief for this child is that I must not burden anyone, ever. The other path is that this child becomes socially awkward and uncomfortable with others. They are unable to express emotion, because they have learned it doesn’t pay.

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