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The second came with the fact that, on transition, I began to draw more overt sexual attention than I had before.The physical attributes which had failed me sexually as a man – an unremarkably round face, diminutive height, narrow shoulders and so on – became assets as an early stage transitioning woman.As a result, I am the cause of an eruption of clumsy outpouring When I do correct him on his problematic turns of phrase and ignorant opinions he retracts them.Often he looks at me during my careful explanations and suggestions about his desires as if I am splitting the atom right in front of him. Realistically, I know this connection is leading nowhere but his natural vocabulary runs to the affirmingly hyperbolic – I am not merely interesting, I am “fascinating”, he says.But in gaining more sexual experience (the changes of hormonal transition are drastic enough that it does feel like your virginity is restored) I also discover that the men who desire me have no precedents for such an attraction.

” and I had to calmly suggest that his attraction to me didn’t make him anything.

Living with myself became easier once I admitted that I need validation from men.

I suffered, silently, for years with shame about wanting to be not only desirable, but loveable.

As an hour passed he narrated his sexual history with trans women – at university one had ‘trapped’ him when he was drunk (do I tell him that if he had sex with a trans woman he went home with voluntarily there was no ‘trap?

’), he met two other tgirls off hookup apps but they were ‘robotic’ whereas I seemed clever (do I tell him it’s not necessary to compliment me by diminishing two trans sisters? Three hours later and I am in his bed – at one point he looks at my body and calls it “convincing” – the distasteful compliment men bestow upon those of us deemed sufficiently feminine, not realising we aren’t in disguise. At no point is he intending to be rude – I realise quickly he has felt ashamed of his desire for trans women and never discussed it with anyone – least of all his cisgender ex-girlfriends, who never knew about it.

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