An error occurred while validating vdproj

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Second we need to reset all the properties for the gallery to match that of our source gallery (namely we need to allow management of content types).Third we have to change the Content Type field from being a Text field to being a Choice field (more about this in a minute).What’s more is that once you view the form for a layout you should see that only the core fields are present (no Content Type, Associated Content Type, Variations, etc.).There are several things that need to be fixed here – first we need to activate all the features that would otherwise be activated on a new site collection (need this so that we can get the publishing workflow options enabled).This solves issues that can occur if a site collection content type was not created via a Feature.I’ve also added additional logging to better show what is happening.

Also, if you attempt to edit a file you’ll notice that even though we used a publishing template it doesn’t prompt you to check the file out.I addressed this specific issue with a separate command ( and the I’ve encapsulated that functionality into the new commands I’ve created which are detailed below.The next error you’re likely to see is on the Area Template Settings page (Site Settings - Page layouts and site templates).For some reason during the import of the site this field gets a bit messed up (note that I’m not referring to the Content Type field that is linked in from the Page content type which is associated with the library but rather another field that is part of the gallery definition itself).The field should be a Choice field with options such as "Page Layout", "Publishing Mater Page", "Master Page", and "Folder".

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