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This ceremony is an evening festival, at the couple's parental homes.

It consists of many rites, the Batna, Choora, Jaggo fireworks and sometimes the Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi.

The mayian happens the night before the wedding and depending on which part of the Punjab the participants are from it is celebrated accordingly.

Vatna/Haldi Four lamps or diyas are lit and the bride sits facing them.

The bride's family visits the groom's family bringing gifts, the paste for the tikka mark and a silver tray with a few grains of rice and saffron in a small silver bowl, 14 dried dates (chuharey) wrapped in silver foil and a coconut wrapped in gold leaf.

Bhaat Bharna wedding gift to the mother of bride and groom from he brother.

Chura On the wedding day the rituals at the girl’s home begin with the Chura ceremony.

A basket containing Bindi and bangles is handed around so girls can choose those that match the outfit they plan to wear to the wedding.

The Mehandi ceremony takes place in the atmosphere of a party.

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