Dating eastean eropean lady

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Women have the option to shop around too, Richard explains: ‘You could find that you like English guys banter so you move to England.You might like French guys because they’re more philosophical You might like the guys in Rio because they’re fun loving and have a don’t care attitude – the opposite of serious Germans.’ Loathe to interrupt Richard’s carnival of stereotyping, I asked him why he was using personality types to define men, when he had used dress and physicality to define women.‘I think given the choice a woman would like to be with a guy who is more successful than they are.It’s hard to date below their level.’ Have any studies had illustrated this? ‘That’s just an opinion based on anecdotal experience, dating in the UK.’ Confused by his assertion that there is a higher caliber of man in the UK than women I asked Richard what he thought of the fact that 67% of UK men are overweight, compared to 57% of women.‘Most guys are attracted to femininity, just like most women are attracted to masculinity’ he says. Women in the UK can afford to be more demanding.’ ‘So in Russia as an example, where more traditional values are in play, the guys who are stable and secure and good guys are a catch, but the starving artist is not.It’s a difference.’ Might that have have something to do with the fact that Russia has a massive gender imbalance – 86.4 men for every 100 women, due to an extremely high mortality rate in young men? I think the same is true with the black population of America, because so many of the guys are in prison, it just creates an imbalance .

‘It’s quite common that a 22 year old girl in Russian hasn’t tried ever being super drunk, hasn’t ever tried drugs or had a one night stand. A lot of guys would prefer that.’ Are men bothered that I say ‘f**k when I drop my phone?

‘If you’re meeting just a couple of women a month who meet your criteria, and you can move to a country where you can meet 10 times as many, that just makes sense.

You can be the perfect Jesus like human being but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want a better choice in your love life.’ At this point I really can’t help laughing.

I don’t know exactly what to say in response to it, so after a little pause to collect myself, I ask him if men who can’t get a girlfriend in the UK should just lower their standards. I can hear tapping in the background and it seems that he has taken me at my suggestion. I’m surprised to hear the that the concept of ‘fair’ was something Richard was concerned about.

You’ll be shocked to hear that the answer was basically no. These days, feminism, I don’t know…’ he trails off. After a moment, he says: ‘They should be equal, yes. It’s fair to say just as I’d never heard of him before, I was quite happy with never hearing of him ever again.

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