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Emily Pollock If you’re someone who looks at day-to-day life and thinks, “Boy, I sure wish there were more graphs!

” then you’re gonna love Matt Shirley’s Instagram account.

In the same way that some lizards can flare up when in danger, or an octopus secretes ink in defense—the human body also has some pretty interesting defense mechanisms that you may …“Anyone can be complicated.

Simplicity, that’s hard.” – The Great Train Robbery We live in a complex, fast-paced world, where problems stretch across the globe and solutions can be difficult to find.

This bubble surrounding …Would you risk your life for a Mc Donald’s Chicken Mc Nugget? A 13-year-old girl from East Harlem had a gun pulled on her by a 12-year-old boy after he commanded that she give him one of her Mc Donald’s Chicken Mc Nuggets.

According to the NYPD, the boy …Despite previously saying that he was in favor of legal immigration, President Trump recently introduced legislation that would slash the number of immigrants the United States lets in per year.

He’s already uploaded several videos of him finding ancient, but still useful, life hacks (such as one from 100 years ago) but he didn’t travel that far back into the past in his latest video.Although it is inherent and blatantly obvious that …In what seems like a trending pattern in this calendar year, renowned NBC co-host Matt Lauer has been dismissed from the network for “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” Joining a long line of men in power in the media this year, Lauer faces a reckoning for his behavior in …You probably know that young people see the world in a very specific way.In fact, your childhood memories are probably not even accurate. Maybe it’s because we were very innocent, or times changed exponentially over the past 20-30 years.Fortunately, there are people out there that know how to be a little creative in the kitchen.If you’ve …We should be judged based on our values, the things we say and our philosophies.

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