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From the Knowsley Street railway station there were connections to the neighbouring mill towns of Bolton, Heywood and Rochdale.As well as the many cotton mills, other industries which thrived included paper–making, calico printing and some light engineering.The outcome of the battle was the Lancastrian Duke of Richmond being crowned Henry VII by Sir William Stanley.As a reward for the support of his family, Thomas Stanley was created Earl of Derby and, amongst other lands, the confiscated Pilkington estate in Bury was presented to him.The town expanded to incorporate the former townships of Elton, Walmersley and Heap, and rows of terraced houses encircled the town centre by the turn of the 19th century.

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Bury Museum has a Roman urn containing a number of small bronze coins dated for AD 253–282 and found north of what is now the town centre.The town was formerly home to the Derby Hall and the Derby Hotel.The castle remains were buried beneath the streets outside the Castle Armoury until properly excavated for the first time in the 1970s.The ancestral home of the Earls of Derby is Knowsley Hall on the outskirts of Liverpool.The family maintains a connection with Bury in various ways—the Derby High School is named after them.

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