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Now that I saw them in the light, I felt better since I could see that they were clean-cut looking boys.They weren’t a bunch of gang-bangers, at least as far as I could tell.We were able to leave town at about am on Wednesday and the weather was good for the first few hours.Then we ran into a mixture of rain and sleet for the rest of the trip.Maybe we can push your car up under the awning of this old building and call him to see if he can help you.” I rolled down my window and saw a tall, good looking black boy with long dreads who looked to be about eighteen years old. This didn’t seem like a safe part of town to me but Nathan appeared to be friendly and sincere.It would be a good idea to get the car at least partially out of the weather to check it out. Since you’re willing, I would appreciate your help in getting the car under that shelter.” My family and I stayed in the car as Nathan and his friends easily pushed our car up the fifty feet of driveway to the awning which was mostly hidden by evergreen bushes and trees.

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Sue is still in very good shape, even at forty years old.

She is five feet seven inches tall and about one hundred and fifteen pounds, with shoulder-length, natural blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes.

She also has very firm and perky D-cup tits and a perfectly shaped ass.

There was still at least some electrical power to the building and the boys turned on a lamp and a good sized space heater near the front door.

It looked like one of the boys was Hispanic and Nathan introduced him as Carlos. He introduced us to the other three black boys whose names are Terrell, Jamal and George.

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