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STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION COUNTY OF GASTON 0 STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, ) ) TRANSCRIPT OF TRIAL VS ) ) MARCH 14, 2011 MARK BRADLEY CARVER, ) ) PAGES 1 - 24 Defendant. Again during the course of the trial there are those rules that you must comply with. You may not form or express any opinions about the guilt or innocence of the defendant, whether you believe or disbelieve a witness or as to what your findings ought to be.

) ) VOLUME I OF V These proceedings coming on to be heard before the Honorable Timothy S. You may not read, watch or listen to any media accounts of this trial.

I will let the Court know that we have provided everything that we have received from him at Mr. We passed that request on and gave him everything we have got. If you are, in fact, handed an exhibit please examine these carefully, individually and without comment. There is a boat landing right beside of Dale’s and we put our jet skis in and started them up and went up north toward - under 74 bridge toward 85 bridge just trying them out and when we went under the 85 bridge it starts around a little bend and I noticed that there was a blue sedan parked down the hill on the embankment almost in the water. Let me stop you there and go back to where you started.

This is for technical information from a Grayson Emick from Richland County. It also may be that evidence comes in the form of certain documents or other exhibits that you may be shown. And what sticks out about that particular date and time for you? We were getting our jet skis ready for the summer and stopped by Dale’s Superette on 74 to fill up with gas.

I am assuming there is nothing for us to be receiving. THE COURT: I don’t disagree with the contents of the motion. So the defense could not offer up the fact that Mr. Cassada took one and that he passed it, but if there is going to be evidence we contend in a video, a video statement by the defendant, that alludes to that fact or is at least mentioned, and if the State plays the video they open the door and we should be allowed to ask questions concerning it. You are not to have any contact or communication of any nature or for any purpose with any party, witness, attorney or anyone otherwise interested in the case. And is that where you and Brenda put in your jet skis?

I was going to suggest to Your Honor if we could maybe go till one tomorrow and then pick up at three-thirty maybe we could - I could attend that service. The questions should be discreet and asked collectively whenever possible and that means you may simply answer by raising a hand if you don’t understand the question. If you are excused don’t take it personal and don’t be embarrassed and don’t think it is some sort of inference that you are not a 21 -22 fair person. STETZER: Would you like for me to just read from the pile and pull them as we go? They are just required to be heard outside your presence because they do not directly affect what your ultimate duty is. STETZER: We will start with a motion for sequestration and segregation of State’s witnesses as a defense motion. It is not that we are trying to hide anything from you. STETZER: We would like to keep our lead investigator in here, Detective Terry. These are required by law to be heard outside of your presence. From time to time during the course of the trial it will become necessary for the Court to confer with the attorneys about issues of law or procedure.

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