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However, the demarcation of Nepal-China boundary had been a problem in the past, because more than 90 percent of the frontiers run through high altitudes with rocks and snow, glaciers and ice fields which are entirely uninhabited.Both countries have respected and continue to respect the existing traditional and customary boundary line and have lived in amity.Nepal and India had a dispute over this ill-defined and ill-demarcated boundary.Prime Minister Jung Bahadur spent the last two decades of his rule in solving these problems.For the Nepalese territory of 2800 acres ceded to India for the construction of the Sharada Barrage in the early 1900s, a total of 4000 acres in Taratal area to the south of Bardia district was given to Nepal.Later, the survey and review of the territory ceded to India by Nepal revealed that an excess of 31 acres had gone to India.The Delineation and Demarcation of Nepal-India Boundary Prior to the domination of India by the British East India Company, both Nepal and India were divided into petty kingdoms and principalities.

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The East India Company delineated and demarcated the southern boundary on its own.

But no demarcation was made for the Tarai region lying between the Mahakali River and the Arrah Nala, which was ceded to the British India in 1816.

Moreover, the entire western Tarai was almost covered with dense forests, and, at the same time, there was no physical basis to discern the northern limit of Tarai.

The ruggedness of Nepal-China boundary is clearly revealed by its length which is 1415 kilometres, while Nepal-India boundary which runs along three sides of Nepal is only 1850 kilometers, 465 kilometers longer than Nepal-China boundary.

The 1415 kilometre length of Nepal-China boundary is based on measurement in the maps ( for details on Nepal-China Boundary see Annex).

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