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A Catonese person who read aloud what in Mandarin is the same character doubled "xie xie" (thank you), would pronounce it as two different syllables, since their common word for thank-you is not just one character doubled like it is in Mandarin. I think it's going to take someone with at least that amount of proficiency to answer my question. Consult any book on the subject.[/quote] There was just another thread about whether they are dialects or different languages.

I believe there are other examples of this sort of thing. structures are identical Excuse me, but you're wrong. They differ slightly less than say , Italian and Spanish in that Italian and Spanish have writing systems based on pronunciation ( more so than English), so that written Spanish is not the same as written Italian.

To give a made up example using different languages, it's as if #$% was a character read as "dog" in English, "cane" in Italian,"perro" in Spanish and so on.Free Chat Sites – this is a great way to find chats.I was talking with some people recently about reading Chinese.Chinese characters are meaning based ( not syllables- I think you're referring to the parts of a character-don't remember for sure what they're called-for example, the character for train may be a combination of those for "iron" and "horse").A particular character means "sun" no matter_how_ the person reading it pronounces it.

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