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Like Iranians, they enjoy cooking fruits with beef and poultry. Although Iraq may not have a distinct cooking style, there are several dishes native to the country.Masgoof is a whole-skewered fish barbequed on an outdoor grill.Since the country is so dry, there are few plants, except for the date palm, known for its fruit (dates).In fact, more than 80 percent of the world's date supply is grown in Iraq.A popular side dish, turshi, is a mixture of pickled vegetables.Wheat, barley, rice, and dates are the staple foods of Iraq.The two groups, however, share the same Muslim beliefs and religious holidays.

The majority of Iraqis are Muslim, about 95 percent.Muslims believe fasting makes them stronger in their faith.They also believe it helps them understand how it feels to be poor and hungry.Families who can afford it slaughter a lamb and share the meat with the less fortunate.During Ramadan, Muslims rise before dawn to eat a meal called suhur (pronounced soo-HER).

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