Is junhyung still dating hara

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have been dating so when something like this happens, people are gonna go cray cray.While speculation is running wild on what this could mean, their respective agencies responses have pretty much been “Da Fuq? BOOKING FLIGHT TO SEOUL, GONNA MAKE HARA MY WAIFU, K THX BYE Editor’s Note: We will return Yellow Slug to you as soon as we can release him from airport security.I wish I were in love like them.” - Doojoon about Junhyung and Hara in Happy Together 3.♥ Jun Hyung reactions when BEAST met KARA through B2ST Almighty.♡ Jun Hyung talks about get a girlfriend on BEAST’s Guerilla Date.♥ Hara favorited a tweet about her and Jun Hyung while in Taiwan (april/2012).Later she unfavorited it, but there’s a fast print.Second, couples (especially young couples) do this type of shit all the time. It is the equivalent of unfriending a significant other because someone forgot to show up for dinner (there is absolutely no conceivable way I am speaking from personal experience either. ” Per allkpop: First, lawl at DSP saying that they didn’t ask because they wanted to respect Hara’s personal life. Something about “disorderly conduct” and “disturbing passengers while shouting ‘SHE WILL BE MINE'”.

(Post)♡ In MBC’s All the K-POP on September 21st (2012) KARA members had to send a message to their “future husband”. ) saying “boyfriend” instead of “husband” and quickly fixed the situation (lol).

Because of their busy schedules, they've only been able to go out to eat and other dating activities three times so far.""The KARA and B2ST members are all close to one another because they've been promoting around the same time.

They depend on and look to each other for consolation.

Hara is also looking forward to Junhyung’s drama and she gives him support and advices.” (junhara via @_sweetjoker)~x~Trolling&Teasing • Nicole and IU trolling Hara on Inkigayo about have a boyfriend in winter.

• The female radio host Hong Jinkyung teased Jun Hyung about Hara getting jealous.• Jun Hyung’s father approves Goo Hara and talk about her and his son.

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