Most intimidating song ever

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Look what they did to Dave Mustang, their former band member. They would open the concert with this song in shows in '91-'92. Sandman has absolutely nothing to do with Satan but a calling that you're tired & time to go to sleep.

If you really LOVE Metallica for their music, then you are failing to realize MOST of it was written by other people and STOLEN. I'm not much into heavy metal but this song has that 'fatal attraction' to it and I make a rare exception to my normal tastes. I've heard songs dating back to the 1930s referencing it as such.

when Jesus talked to god, he didnt say 'i am down the pub for a pint'.

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Like many of you, this is my favorite Metallica song of all time and my favorite song to play on the drums.

Sure enough, the others provides a different feeling, Stairway is really a lifting song and Long way to the top, as any AC/DC song, makes you go crazy, but you just can't compare these with that one, because people who really likes metal will get feelings from that song too.

I purchased that album today, so I don't say I know about Metal, but I'm a true Rock fan, and I don't think the song is so overrated.

Anyways, this songs great, and I can play it up to the solo on guitar. In a recent issue of Guitar World, they looked at Metallica's setlist, as shown by Kirk Hammett, and next to this song was written the word, "Pyro", and Kirk explained that "This particular pyro is called the 'boo cue' for the heavy 'Enter Sandman' riff that comes after we bring things down. Okay...a movie trivia question that has been driving me crazy.

Does anyone remember which comedy movie has a scene at the end where a guy gets dropped into a Metallica concert and says "Lucky for me I knew the lyrics to Enter Sandman?

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