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Le Movi M10 ne pèse pas plus de 2.3 Kg et supporte des charges dépassant les 4,5Kg (caméra accessoires) : RED Sarlet, RED Epic, Canon C300 et 5D, Nikon D800, Blackmagic Camera.

Le Movi M5 quand à lui supporte uniquement les caméras inférieure à 1.3 Kg : 5D, D800, GH4, Pocket Camera.

The Arricam cameras were released in 2000 and remain the flagship camera line of Arri's 35 mm products.

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Although only three camera models (Super America, Compact, and SL) were produced in significant quantities for international usage, the high quality camera design, simplicity of usage compared to the contemporary models of Arri and Panavision, and integration of modern and pioneering camera features led to widespread usage in the film industry. At Arri, Bauer developed, together with Walter Trauninger and their camera development team, the Arricam System, which combined the basic movement and design of the Moviecam systems with the precision electronic parts and complement of camera accessories already designed by Arri.

Movi Prod propose en premier lieu de la prestation de prise de vue, de la location et de la formation en One-to-one.

Movi Prod possède les deux modèles de Movi : le M5 et le M10.

Demande de location Movi Tableau des coefficients dégressifs des locations MOVI M5 et MOVI M10Apprenez avec des professionnels à appréhendez le Movi.

Dans cette formation movi, apprenez toutes les techniques de prise de vue au Movi.

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