Safety tips for internet dating sites who is jason lewis dating 2016

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You may also find out whether or not they are using a fake photo of a model or celebrity.

Copy the profile picture of a potential match into the Google Images search bar.

Online dating is a great way to meet people you would never have come into contact with otherwise.

When done cautiously, online dating may even be safer than many ways people meet in person.

These sites do not tolerate behavior that is aggressive or illegal.

Most dating sites include the option to block an individual user if your interactions make you feel uneasy.

If you’ve clicked with someone and would like to meet in person, choose your location wisely.

Never meet at your home or office where they could easily find you again, and never choose a secluded location — recommends you immediately end the date if your date pressures you to do otherwise.

You should realize that they may not always be the person that they present over email.

Make sure you also limit the information posted on your other virtual platforms.

Set your security settings to the maximum level on all your social media accounts and never authorize an app to post your location.

Though its popularity is rising, you may still wonder if online dating is safe.

Connecting virtually has risks, but it can be a fun and low-pressure way to meet potential matches if you practice caution. There are dozens of online dating websites and apps that target college students, so take note even if you live in a safe location.

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