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So we’ve established that some children who are supposed to be in Child mode probably won’t be and that some parents will not like what they hear Talking Angela saying when that happens.Consider the following sentence said by one person to another: “You have been a naughty girl and you must be punished!I used Talking Angela when it’s not in Child mode and (much to the amusement of colleagues sat near me and the confusion and horror of those sat further away) have attempted to engage it with lewd (OK, filthy) conversation without luck.Some of the questions and answers from Talking Angela are mildly flirtatious.Children won’t experience any difficultly disabling Child mode.Some will do it deliberately, some accidentally, and some will just enjoy playing with buttons.

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When kids talk about their school or stick their tongues out and tell you how pink they are, it’s perfectly innocent.The mob, like a million, breathless, cyber-age Paul Reveres, are warning as many people as they can.Speed is of the essence, it seems, and in an effort to move as quickly as possible many have simply had to leave punctuation at home to save weight.Here are four things I suspect helped the hoax spread.The Talking Angela app has a Child mode that can be switched on and off.

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