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Fortunately I was sober enough to remember how to get back here and that's almost the only thing I remember. The other is staring at Ville all the time and his girlfriend staring back at me. And he escorted her out of his home as a real gentleman.By the time that she was leaving, Ville Valo girlfriend gave him a big hug when they stood next to his mail box.It appears that they did not have time to eat breakfast, because she was having an apple on her way.It appears that she was on her way in order to make it in time to her classes that she is taking.

Liderados por el carismático Ville Valo, HIM han intentado unificar los riffs del metal más pesado -nunca han escondido su amor por Black Sabbath y Type O Negative-, baladas desesperadas y unos característicos teclados, creando una fórmula que desde el mismo momento de su creación ha sido imitada por bandas de todo el mundo. The 20th anniversary will take place during the weekend of 30.6.-2.7.2017. HIM TO HEADLINE At last have the stars and hearts aligned, and HIM’s first ever Tuska-appearance is finally coming to fruition.

Also they shared a kiss that was passionate enough to look like they are really in love.

As soon as she left him to stand there after they talked for a little bit more she left the street while listening to music, because she putted on her earpiece on.

And it looks like she has kept him company there for a long time now.

She has even been staying together with the singer overnight, because she has been spotted leaving his home at 11 in the morning and he was wearing only grin on when she left.

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